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Specialising in refined, meaningful weddings, my modern wedding cakes are more than eye-catching centrepieces; they are sculptural works of art designed to foster connection and leave guests in awe. Each cake offers a unique story, a harmonious blend of art and love meticulously crafted to evoke a mood, weave a narrative, and celebrate beauty in its most tangible form. As a creative artist, I pour my heart into every project, ensuring each wedding cake is not only memorable but a strikingly unique masterpiece that awakens the senses and perfectly resonates with the soul of your special day.

With a deep respect for people and our planet, I am committed to designing low-impact, low-waste wedding cakes crafted using premium ingredients, believing that good food nourishes the mind as much as it does the body.

“Valeria nailed our requirements for our micro wedding cake! We wanted a mini cake with a minimalist design and we fell in love with the sketch proposed. We were so amazed by her intricate handmade sugar flowers and the delicious flavour. Thanks for making our dream cake.”
Normala & David


Inspired by nature's unrefined beauty, from lush landscapes to intricate botanical details, my sugar flowers embody a touch of the wild, mirroring the authentic form and texture of real flora. Each one commands my full attention, compelling me to replicate its beauty with nothing short of perfection.

My approach is deeply intuitive, each flower crafted by hand, layering depth and texture to transform sugar into art. From the intricate structure of a rose to the subtle charm of a cosmos, I study each specimen meticulously, ensuring every petal, every leaf, is a testament to the original's beauty. This process involves carefully sculpting and texturising sugar paste, followed by a final touch of pigment, breathing life into each and every bloom.




01 - Get In Touch

Start your bespoke wedding cake journey by simply getting in touch. I invite you to share your story and the vision for your special day. This first connection is the beginning of an exciting exploration tailored just for you. 

We'll schedule a call to explore your ideas, weaving in elements of your unique journey. This conversation is critical in crafting a design that truly reflects your personal narrative and aesthetic preferences.

02 - Design Proposal and Price Estimate

Based on our initial discussions, I will craft a personalised design proposal. Alongside this, you'll receive a detailed price estimate, ensuring transparency and clarity as we move forward in creating your bespoke centrepiece.

03 - Secure Your Booking and Arrange a Cake Tasting

Once you're ready to proceed, we'll secure your booking. Then, the most delicious part - a wedding cake-tasting experience. Choose to indulge in person, or if preferred, I can send a beautiful cake box for you to enjoy at home at your leisure. It's quite literally a taste of what's to come!

04 - The Design Process

The design of your cake is a collaborative journey, a fusion of ideas and inspiration. I’ll sketch, dream, and refine, playing with flowers, sugar paste, and a palette of flavours and textures until every element of the design resonates with your desires.

05 - Final Design Approval and Detailed Quote

With the design taking shape, you'll have the opportunity to review and approve the final concept. At this stage, I'll provide a detailed final quote, ensuring every aspect of your cake is perfect and aligns with your expectations.

06 - Creation and Delivery to Your Venue

The final step in our journey together. I will expertly craft your cake, ensuring each petal and each layer is perfect. On your special day, your cake will be delivered to your venue of choice, ready to add its magic to your celebration.


As a bespoke cake designer, I am dedicated to creating contemporary wedding cakes that resonate with each couple's individual style and preferences. This personalised approach extends to pricing as well. While I am mindful of budgets, my focus is predominantly on creating a commissioned piece of edible art. My clients place their trust in me to deliver a creation that will not just meet expectations but exceed them, captivating both them and their guests in the process.

The pricing for my bespoke wedding cakes starts at £900 for an average-sized cake, reflecting the artistry and meticulous attention to detail that goes into each creation. For smaller, tailored designs, such as those for intimate weddings and elopements, the pricing is adjusted accordingly.

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